Social Viral Marketing For Your Website

April 18, 2011 in Marketing

I can help you get more eyeballs to your site using a combination of blogging, social networking and search optimization. Eyeballs? In web marketing jargon, the amount of eyeballs that comes to your site signifies visits. You probably don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to do this. So for a small fee, let me help you out. Get the exposure for your product or service that is deserves. Get a return on your investment.

First we can examine your site for keyword frequencies and standard search engine optimization. Then maybe get a strategic Facebook ad campaign going. We can also develop your Facebook, Blog and Twitter user interfaces. Prices start as low as $300.

If a tree falls in Siberia does it exist? Well for most of the world it doesn’t. Same for your website or blog. If no one engages it, it is useless. Talk to you soon.

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