Saturday night . . .

February 27, 2011 in Just Saying

Sitting here polishing off this website. I could be complaining. I’m not out having fun like everyone else. However, i am having fun doing this. I’ve successfully touble-shot (is that even a fragment?) five different snafus without getting into a rabbit hole. I got this blog up and working and the whole site seems to have retained it’s integrity and look. That’s the point. The look. You can have all the web developers in the world but if they don’t understand simple concepts like “negative space” or “asymmetric design” or even have a feel for anything spatial, then it will amount to nothing. It could even negatively impact your product or service. So i encourage you to use real designers to determine the outcome of your Internet endeavor. Even better, real designers who can program too. That’s me. Sometimes i like it, sometimes i do not. In the end, i can serve you better because i know the ins and outs of design and development together . . . oh shoot i still need to get so nav for the blog archive, categories, etc. See you later!

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