I was art director in charge of newspaper and magazine advertising for Saks Fifth Avenue. I worked in close contact with my creative director and stylists to concept the ads, book models, hire photographers, direct shoots, edit film, and execute final design and layouts. My assignments included full-page ads for The New York Times as well as national ad campaigns in magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and others. I worked with photographers such as George Holtz, Matthew Rolston, Steven Klein, Steve Hiatt, Torkil Gudnason, Steven White, Richard Pierce . . . see samples.

I also spearheaded several product based fashion advertising campaigns. These included “Lose Your Blues”, a collaboration between Perry Ellis America and Dillards department stores. My concept was that customers bring in their old jeans to Dillards as a donation to homeless people. In return, they would receive free T-shirts featuring the campaign and of course the opportunity to shop in Dillards! The campaign was shot by Martin Brading. Another product campaign was executed on behalf of Bonjour Jeans. I came up with the copyline, “Definitions of Romance”. Each ad featured a romantic couple alongĀ  with a romantic edict in French that was translated into English . . . see samples.